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Around a century back, Halloween was something that was more or less a festival for children. There were nothing called adult Halloween costumes. No one would have imagined at that time that Halloween would become as big for adults as it was for kids at that time. Costume parties actually started around the time of French revolution. However, they were known as Masquerade balls and were in no way linked to Halloween. It was within French aristocracy that masquerade ball actually started; it was a way for aristocracy to be able to go out and enjoy but at the same time remain anonymous by wearing a mask. Thus, we can see that wearing a wig or mask is not a recent discovery but dates back centuries.

Thank you for visiting MasqueradeBallCostume.Com where you will find lots of options for disguising your true identity for this year’s festivities.  So who will you be? Or will you choose to merely disguise your face with a mask, as they did when the masquerade ball was first thought up?

Masquerade ball costume options have been all the rage for centuries, literally.  Masks have been used as a way to bring elegance, allure, and mystery to balls, carnivals and more for a long, long time.  The popularity of Mardi Gras held annually in New Orleans is evidence to the long-standing appeal of getting out of character for a night to be a mysterious person that no one knows.  You will find that masquerade ball costume options and masks vary widely in coverage and in style, but all of them can be traced back in history to a certain carnival that was held in Venice.

The Venetian balls that were held in the 1500s are still being talked about today.  Women and men wore masks at these balls to hide their identities, which allowed them free reign to flirt and dance with anyone of their choosing without the fear of recognition.  People being as fickle as they are tended to like this notion, and thus the masquerade ball spread quickly across the European continent, allowing for tons of frolicking with the opposite sex without fear of a jealous spouse being any the wiser.

Although there are all types of masks for your masquerade ball costume, none are more popular than the columbine mask, which is a mask that is held up by a handle and that just covered half of the face.  (Those Venetians had to either have poor vision or had imbibed on too much Venetian wine not to really know who was holding up that one).  This mask was originally designed for an Italian actress who thought her face to be too beautiful to cover, so a special mask was made just for her (and her vanity).

There you have it!  Browse our site to find masquerade ball costume options and masquerade masks for every taste!

Halloween now a days is as much for the grownups as it is for the children. Whether young or old, everyone enjoys the excitement of dressing up in different costumes and look different and unique. Especially when it comes to adults, everyone tries to get the most unique outfit that would out do everyone else. Now why not travel back in time and dress yourself up as an aristocrat and wear a masquerade ball costume. As a matter of fact, these masquerade ball costumes are just not good for Halloween, they work with any costume party be it Masquerade ball or Halloween. If you are feeling mysterious, these costumes would be your best companions.
When it comes to buying masquerade ball costumes, you have a wide variety to choose from. You can opt for traditional masquerade costumes that comes with a ball gown (can be in many different colours) with a silver ruffle trim along with a fitted vinyl bodice. Or you may opt for mini and sexier versions of masquerade costumes that include mini dresses in different colours and styles. Whichever type of costume you go for, it would be incomplete without a handheld half-mask so as to conceal your identity until midnight.

Accessorizing Your Costume

It can be fun to accessorize your masquerade ball costume. Of course, you will need a mask – what fun is a masquerade ball without this must-have that will partially disguise who you are to all of the other guests. When choosing a mask, be sure to choose one that disguises most of your facial features, if you truly want to be going to the ball incognito and be unrecognizable. You should also look to find accessories that go with the theme of the ball. For example, if it is a Halloween masquerade, then you might go for a Vampire look or a gothic look, and accessories that compliment that particular style.

Measuring for Your Costume

Although it is fun to guess who is who under each masquerade ball costume, it is not fun to guess which size costume will fit you when ordering! Don’t guess your size, know your size! All you need to do is use your measurements and look at the size chart that accompanies the product listing for the costume that you like. This includes your waist, torso, chest, and hip measurements at their widest points, and possibly your inseam, depending on the costume that you are buying. You may also need to know your height and weight to ensure a proper fit.

How about going back in time a bit and getting yourself a costume from the era of Masquerade Balls. In fact, this could even be the theme of your party itself. With your Masquerade Ball Costume, you will be bringing a bit of the French aristocracy into the picture. Your costume itself will be a long gown that has hoops on the inside to give it more body. Add on a white bouffant style wig and a masquerade and have your partner guessing as to where you are at the party. The range of costumes is wide and you will not have any trouble finding yourself some amazing period jewelry to go with it.

Masquerade Ball Halloween Costumes

It was in 15th century that Masquerade balls began. At that time, these were mainly the celebrations for aristocrats and upper classes. These balls reached the peak of their popularity in 17th-18th century. Participants used to dress themselves up in masks and costumes – the more mysterious and sophisticated, the better. The participants used to dance until midnight, and then all guests had to remove their masks.

Masquerade Balls are back in style and both men and women love to dress themselves up in masquerade ball type costumes so as to standout from others.

Masquerade costumes ideas for Women

Early modern queens and renaissance are the most popular person as for masquerade balls. Mary Queen of Scots, Queen Elizabeth I, and Marie Antoinette etc are some of the instantly recognizable characters. Ladies may also want to attend as Juliet, Mona Lisa, a clown, Katherina, the Shakespeare’s shrew or Martha Washington.

You may also want to dress yourself up in modern variations of the traditional masquerade costumes, which are sexier and shorter.

Masquerade costumes ideas for Men

Men can dress themselves up in masked & caped harlequin, Hamlet or Romeo, Mozart, a court jester, Zorro, an armoured knight or the famous Leonardo da Vinci. One can also choose from one of the military characters including Three Musketeers, George Washington or Napoleon.

Most of the fun of dressing up in a masquerade costume is striving to mask your identity. One can join in on the fun & conceal their identity, while getting into different characters with fun and colorful costumes.

Don’t forget to take your hand held mask so as to conceal your identity.

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